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The 5 Best Up-And-Coming Python YouTube Channels to Improve Your Programming Skills

You can learn anything on YouTube! YouTube is an especially great resource for when you want to improve your Python programming skills. There's a lot of options and some big names usually come to mind (Sentdex, Programming with Mosh, CS Dojo, Tech With Tim) but there are also lot's of great smaller up-and-coming channels with fantastic teachers. Let me show you five to watch.

1. Arjan Codes

Arjan has been teaching Computer Science for over 20 years, and he's built and launched software products that have been used by thousands of people.

After only a year, Arjan has managed to build his channel to 65k subscribers and has produced videos on everything from exception handling to videos where he refactors games.

2. Pretty Printed

Anthony has been programming since 2004 in a variety of languages. They started Pretty Printed to share their knowledge of programming with the world.

Pretty Printed covers a variety of Python frameworks, libraries and topics on their channel but is particularly good to follow for their Flask, Django and FastAPI videos. So, if you're a Python developer looking to build web apps and services they're well worth looking at!

3. Python Simplified

Mariya from Python Simplified is a Python developer from Canada and has set out to help you with your programming journey - in particular your Python programming journey!

Python Simplified has simple tutorials about Computer Science Concepts, GUI Applications, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Web Scraping, Data Science and even Math. Highlights include the videos on building a GUI app with Tkinter and web scraping with Selenium.

4. Mr. P Solver

If you're interested in Maths, Physics and Python then Mr P. Solver is for you! The channel has some great videos on the basics of Python but where it really shines is with the scientific videos. There are some great tutorials on using SciPy and NumPy, along with more in depth videos like delving into calculus with Python and the Ising model of magnets in Python.

5. Code with Tomi

Tommi is a 17 year old web developer who is definitely one to watch - they've already produced a 3 hour Python crash course!

Code With Tomi has videos on a variety of Python topics and frameworks but their main focus at the moment seems to be using the Django framework. There are full tutorial videos that show you how to build a realtime chat app with Django and how to use Django and Ajax.

The channel also has other shorter videos explaining how to use Django with Chart.js, how to deploy a Django app to Heroku and how to use Django with a Firebase database.

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